About us

TMA has a goal to help organizations effectively align people and work. We believe that people work better and deliver more value when they do work that is in line with their motivation, talents and skills.

But our motives go further. What characterizes us is creativity, passion and a healthy ambition to conquer the world by becoming smarter and better at doing our job. Curious about our solutions and how we can help? Please contact us and we will be pleased to tell you!

TMA Team

Bastian Müller

Edwin van IJzendoorn

Andre Blom

Django Koole

Francisca Schroer

Hein Piller de Bruin

Michiel Suijkerbuijk

Carlo Wagemakers

Manon Jansen

Mark Vlemmings

Marleen van Boxel

Roos van der Blom

TMA Philosophy

People work best, learn faster and are the most committed when they do work that lies close to their drives and talents. Approach people positively and find out what people have talent for and what they naturally want to do. Also make clear what you expect from people and connect people’s talents with work that needs to be done. This applies to both individuals and teams.

In our opinion, everyone has talents: a manager, a high potential employee, an administrative assistant and a concierge. Learn about talents of all employees and discover that your organization has more potential than you think now. We see it in our everyday practice that the TMA way of thinking leads to excellence.