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TMA has an extensive partner network of skillful experts who can solve your HR challenges.


1,000 employees, 50 years, 1.7 million people who use our software every day, 1.3 million payments per month, more than 10,000 customers in the Netherlands. That is Raet in a few numbers. Meanwhile, Raet, among other creators of HR cloud software, has become a leading player in the HR sector on the Dutch market. And is an emerging player on the international market.


The power of people – that’s what Acerta stands for. Acerta is the HR partner for start-ups, self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies. Furthermore, Acerta builds intensive partnerships with accountants and auditors and also has an exceptional expertise in a number of sectors: public sector, social profit, agricultural and horticultural sector, transport sector and port community.


Bonte Bij

Bontje Bij is a versatile, no-nonsense company, specializing in issues of organizational changes, human resource management, e-HR and talent management. From concept to implementation, through practical thinking and acting Bonte Bij finds solutions for complex issues. It works closely with all stakeholders in the organization. Bonte Bij is an experienced, creative company which combines a human-centered approach with achieving results.

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Eiffel works primarily for clients with legal, financial and process challenges. They do this through interim professionals and by offering integrated solutions. The experience and expertise from various fields and industries make Eiffel quickly see opportunities for customers. And Eiffel offers guarantees, which is totally unusual in this sector.

Giraffe HR

Giraffe HR supports organizations in questions of leadership, mobility, career, talent management, competency management, team development and organizational development. For example, guidance in working with competency profiles, TMA certification, setting up TMA portal so that organizations could manage these processes on their own.


Priman helps companies be more successful by allowing them to focus more on the talents and intrinsic motivation of employees. Priman focuses on talent performance: the transparent, predictable and measurable behavior as a basic ingredient of a team and personal productivity.

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Met David

Met David is a partner organization for Human Capital Development, specializing in talent development of people and organizations. With such services as recruitment, assessments, organizational consulting and coaching they offer the complete range in terms of inflow, flow and outflow.

Human Mobility Group

HMG is committed to make a certain contribution to improving the performance of organizations and employees in particular in a socially responsible manner. It is the ambition of HMG to give people in organizations assistance tools and insights so that they can develop their talents (further) and use their resources so they can be profitable and do their utmost for the organization.


The services of TriamFloat can be divided into three different areas of expertise:

  • Design and development of learning programs, traineeships and talent development programs.
  • Carrying out research in relation to training and learning strategies.
  • Providing training and organizational advice.
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The professionals of HDLG turn the realization of behavioral changes into fun and challenging activities, whether it is a personal or company-wide behavioral change; HDLG behavioral changes are long lasting. Not only through developing competencies of people, but also through the use of other important factors that affect behavior. With HDLG customers achieve clearly measurable desired result.

De Leeuw Consult

De Leeuw Consult advises and assists organizations in projects on the field of business auditing, CATS job, reward, evaluation and implementation of competencies. Based on assessments, the advice on personal skills, career development opportunities and on the structure and development of teams is given respectively.


JOE stands for ‘Your Development First’ (Jouw Ontwikkeling Eerst) and helps people with learning and development issues. To make it clear: JOE helps the right people get the right place at the inflow, flow and outflow of people from the perspective of both an employee and an employer.

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Buro de Goede

Since 2008 Buro The Goede has been a partner of TMA Method. Organizations that want to integrate the TMA method into their HR processes found a strong partner in us. We bring TMA Professionals in your organization and consult you during the implementation process. Buro De Goede is the right place for commercial partners that offer TMA Method as well. We are your sparring partner if you want to deepen and/or widen your range of services with TMA Method.

Slight Edge

The Slight Edge Advisory Group is a multidisciplinary consulting firm where several professionals assist in the management and development of people and organizations in a professional and business-oriented way. Thereby the knowledge, expertise and skills are bundled within TSE.


Sobethu helps companies in managing people and organizations. The core activities of Sobethu are designing and implementing learning solutions, competency management and consulting.

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TMA Partner Program

TMA enters partnerships with experienced HR consulting professionals and organizations. TMA partners can rely on our experience and expertise counting on the continued development and innovation of TMA Method. Interested in becoming a TMA partner? Please contact us. We would love to take the call.

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