Guidelines for desired behavior are important for every organization.

Application of TMA Competency Library

TMA Competency Library is an important element of TMA Method. It consists of 53 competencies in 10 languages. The library has been extensively validated and contains behavioral examples for each competency at operational, tactical and strategic levels. Each competency is enriched with interview questions, development activities and coaching advice.

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TMA Competency Library license

TMA Competency Library can be used with an unlimited license. You get a non-exclusive, non-commercial and non-transferable worldwide license to use TMA Competency Library in 10 languages.

TMA Competency Library

Our TMA Competency Library App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. TMA Competency Library has all behavioral examples, coaching advice, development activities and interview questions of 53 competencies.
TMA Competency Library App

TMA Book: From Talent to Performance

The practical guide “From Talent to Performance” contains detailed descriptions of the 22 TMA drives and 44 related talents a person can have. The book also contains the complete TMA Competency Library with 53 competencies. In addition, several practical cases are described to give you an idea on ​​how TMA solutions are successfully implemented in a number of organizations.
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Assistance Tools for creating profiles

It’s not easy to create profiles. Therefore, TMA Method provides assistance tools which simplify the creation of this process.


TMA has quality advisors and a partnernetwork of qualified experts that can advise on how to work with (team) talents. Want to learn more about our services? Please contact us.

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