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360 degree feedback: a dialogue about behavior and skills

TMA 360 degree feedback is a good starting point for a personal development plan (PDP). Candidates request online feedback from their colleagues or supervisors on their key competencies. This feedback is a starting point for development goals. 360 degree feedback leads to concrete development results and is used for performance appraisals, training and education, management development and career guidance.

TMA Competencies and 360-degree feedback

The 53 TMA Competencies are used for the 360-degree feedback process. You can choose from a minimum of 2 and a maximum 25 competencies. The 53 TMA competencies have a clear relation with the 22 TMA talents, as you can see on the diagram below:

Online App TMA Competency Library

Our TMA Competency Library App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. TMA Competency Library contains behavioral examples, coaching advice, development activities and interview questions for 53 competencies.
Online app

Competency overview

Find the graphical overview of all the feedback in the competency overview.

Strength-weakness assessment

Shows the strongest and the weakest behavioral examples of the candidate.

Performance matrix

The feedback on the competency level is combined with the ability to learn the competencies in the TMA Performance Matrix. Easily see what candidates are really talented for.

Development activities

People want to learn after receiving feedback. TMA gives examples of practical development activities per competency.

Real-time reports

With 360 degree feedback reports, it is easy to see where the strenghts of your candidate lie and what requires further development. Our reporting solution allows you to measure, compare, and analyze data faster than ever before.

You can choose from the 53 TMA competences. Choose a minimum of 2 and maximum of 25 competencies.

Your report is complete, easy to read and contains open feedback in addition to competencies.

Each report can be combined with the TMA360 PDP Module where you will be guided through the 360 degree feedback process in a structured manner. This report is free of charge.

The ‘Progress Report’ helps the manager gain a structured insight into the development of the competencies over a certain period of time.

Discover whether there are differences between the scores given by the central person, colleagues, direct supervisor, employees, customers or other feedback providers.

Download the 360 degree feedback workbook for free.

On this page you can see the strengths and weaknesses in the daily actions of the central person, as the other person (s) experience the him/her at the moment.

TMA Book: From Talent to Performance

The guide ‘From Talent to Performance’ contains the complete TMA Competency Library of 53 competencies. The competency library has been extensively validated and contains behavioral examples for each competency at general, operational, tactical and strategic levels. Each competency is also supplied with interview questions, development activities and coaching advice.
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