Leadership Development

Talents lead talents

Is the real leader willing to show himself?

Organizations need leaders which give guidance and direction, people who want to lead, coach and manage the work process. According to TMA philosophy, it is important that leaders have the right talents to perform their management duties at a high level. Talents lead talents.

TMA Principles of Talent-based Leadership

  • The organizational culture is aimed at aligning clear work goals with talents, skills and motivation of employees.

  • Selection of people is based on the match between clear profiles and talents, abilities, knowledge and skills.

  • Personal development is focused on developing a talent and not on ‘fixing’ the missing skills.

  • Leaders coach in a talent-oriented manner and take personal motivation and talents into account.

  • Leaders hold performance and assessment interviews in a talent-oriented manner.

Is it possible to develop leadership?

Leadership development is possible for all people who have the right talents and cognitive abilities. Leaders do not need to have all the leadership skills equally developed. By using TMA Assessment, you get an insight into the qualities and capabilities of (potential) leaders and arrange the right training.

Steps for Leadership development

According to TMA philosophy, it is important that leaders have necessary drives and talents to perform their management duties properly. It is also important that leaders develop as much as possible on the basis of their intrinsic motivation and natural strengths. For effective leadership development, follow the steps below:

  • Create profiles: from the TMA Competency Library create a leadership profile and describe the basic behavioral skills needed.
  • Analyze talents: measure psychometrically to what extent 22 drives, 44 talents and 53 competencies apply to the candidate. Immediately see strengths, potential weaknesses and intrinsic motivation.
  • Match personal talents with the created profile: see to what extent your candidate fits the leadership profile and where development is needed.
  • Develop competencies: from TMA matching reports, you can quickly see the areas worth to invest in development activities. TMA supports you with coaching and development tips and an online PDP.


With TMA Method, you bring leadership development to a higher level. TMA offers solutions ranging from self-service to co-creation. In co-creation, we provide support through specialists that can help you shape and implement the whole cycle.