TMA Team Assessment

Understanding drives and talents of team members is essential for a better cooperation within the team.

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TMA Team Assessment

In organizations, it is important that teams work well together. The work of a team should be allocated clearly, so that each team member can perform the tasks more effectively. With the help of TMA Team Assessment, you get direct insight into the behavioral preferences and talents of all team members.

You can see which abilities the team has and who would fit best to a position. TMA also gives comprehensive advice on team management and provides insight into the potential of a team.

TMA Drives Overview

In this overview of psychological drives, you will see a graphical representation of all drives, of every team member, which clarifies the dynamics within the team. Management of any team just became a lot easier.

Team Advice

On the basis of team drives, TMA gives clear advice on how a manager can get the best performance from his team.

Team advice

 Social Talents

Team advice

Managing Talents

Potential Overview

The potential overview shows the development potential of the team for more than 40 competencies.

Team Competency Match

You will see to what extent the team has a talent for the essential team competencies and how the work can be best divided between the team members.

What’s new in the TMA Team Assessment?

  • insight into the team talents at a glance. You can see which percentage of the team has a low, average and high demand per motivation.
  • You can ‘match’ the team on the competencies you have selected. For example, you can see what percent of team members competencies are easy to develop.
  • to indicate the positioning of each individual team member in the team, the talents and competencies that can be developed are indicated per person. This way you can get started with the individuals within the team.
  • the report will be provided with a written advice , to make sure the team session can be guided better

TMA Team Assessment training

During this day you will receive concrete tools for managing a team session. You will be introduced to the TMA team report and a number of work methods that you can apply independently. Moreover, we focus on the TMA protocol of the TMA team assessment training. After following this training:

After following this course:

  • You know how to make the most of the new team reporting
  • You have concrete work methods that you can apply within your team sessions
  • You have insight in the TMA protocol concerning teams
  • You can perform team sessions independently as the new TMA Team Assessment
  • You are in possession of the TMA Team Professional certificate

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Application of the team assessment

TMA Team Assessment includes a number of applications that help to solve team issues.

TMA Talent Game

TMA Job Interview App is the best and comprehensive app helping managers, recruiters and HR excel during professional (phone) job interviews, giving the structure needed on any topic of a Candidate’s Resume, TMA Talents, 53 TMA Competencies, Assessment Center, Reference Checking and preparing you for candidate’s questions as well! Job Interview App has been developed by international standards and has the 20 Basic Interview Questions easily available!

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